No one likes bugs. This page may help you to unlock yourself from a bad situation.
Please note:
  • This page is currently in progress.
  • This page will be available in early 2022.
  • You may want to check the Known issue page before.



Q: The data are wrong. A: Well, it's impossible in facts, all the data is from your car. I only do some alignments depending on whether the data in question is in miles or kilometers.
Q: Miss alignments on data (range) A: Due to some restrictions from Tesla, all models don't respond the same way. You have to try out what settings are the best for you in the βš™οΈ > Battery and take the correct model.
Q: Multiple error codes / Server issues A: This is perhaps the most simple answer, it depends. Here is a list of codes and the causes:
You may want to check this page: https://http.cat/ to understand how it works.
401 - 403
You may have changed your password / The token is not available anymore.
The server from Tesla has responded a 408 because there are some issues with your car connection.
502 - 503 - 504
It's an error from the Tesla's servers.
Q: Does it wake my car? A: It depends, but not by itself. If you load the app from cold dark, yes. If you use Siri shortcuts, no.


Q: How to install? A: Open your Watch app and then scroll to the bottom to view Companion for Tesla and then tap on install.
Q: Does it wake my car? A: No.
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