Main features

What are the features present only in the iOS part, details about it and tricks to fully understand the potential.
Please note:
  • This page is still currently in progress.


Companion for Tesla has been made in a rough ~ 2 years of work, started early 2019 just before I get my Model 3.
The project is about ~ 20k lines of code writtien in naive iOS language. (Swift)
I work a lot for myself, I make tools I use and think it will help other people, it's a passion, not a duty.


The design evolved just before the V1.0.0 with a more fluent design more aligned with the mockups I used to make.
The early design VS the current design
Dark mode VS Light mode


Companion for Tesla distinguishes itself from the ability to request features from me (see the page contact).
You can but not only:
  • Send a direct address to your car's GPS.
  • Read internal battery stats.
  • Personalize your dashboard with the actions you want.
  • Set up an auto-reload sequence that automatically refreshes your data when the app is open.
  • Use Siri with a list of implemented actions/intents. Here is the list.
  • Use shortcuts at your will to automate some actions.
One of its key features is the Apple Watch which will be explained in the next chapter.
A list of features available.
A lot of other features are planned!


The settings page
The settings page allows you to in order:
  • Change your car if you have more than one in your account
  • Modify the dashboard layout
  • Change the auto-reload seconds you want (if needed)
  • Change and see more technical data about your battery and the method of range rating.
  • Reduce animations like the charge effect or the battery range animation.
  • Bypass the confirmation for some "critical" actions like:
    • Open / Close the car
    • Open / Close the frunk / trunk
    • Toggle the windows
  • Send feedback with a screenshot and some explanations.
  • Send diagnostics, this helps me to dig into some issues.

How does it work?

In a technical talk, Companion for Tesla is made in a MVVCC pattern and no servers are involved between your device and Tesla's servers.
All work is done on your device secured by your token generated from your login which is safely stored in your iPhone's secure enclave.
The app doesn't wake up your car by itself! This has been the first point when I started the project to keep this in mind.