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Here is some starting point if you have some questions. I will try to do my best to answer it!


What is Companion for Tesla?

Companion for Tesla (originally called: Tesla@Wrist) is an app made by Romain Sickenberg, it's one of my site projects.
From the first day (18.02.2019) until today, the project is made on my goodwill and my free time.


The help center has four main pages to help you.
More pages are available if you need to find some help.


You have three solutions:
  • You can simply send me an email at: [email protected].
  • Use the in-App form contact, you can choose with the Feedback button (the little ℹ️ icon).
  • Or send a Diagnostic report if you have any issues.
    • If the issue is related to the car image, it would help me a lot if you could send the image URL from your Tesla account to see how Tesla deals with it.
Please note, I live in Switzerland so I may not respond in the same hours. (UTC+1)


You may want to help me in different ways? Many thanks!
Here are a few solutions:
  • Contact me if you have a bug or a feature you wanted to see.
  • You can contribute to the localization of the app here!
    • Your name will be listed in the settings of the app for your contribution.
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